equity + place

Photograph by Dean Bouchard on Flickr

Our surroundings and the physical landscape we live, work, and play in have a profound impact on our wellbeing. Even though the physical realm is one of the most tangible elements we experience in our day-to-day life, the way place shapes our wellbeing - and especially the way that place impacts the wellbeing of others - can be easily overlooked.

At the NH Planners Association spring conference, keynote speaker Dr. Stephen Pimpare, a professor of the Master in Public Policy Program and a Faculty Fellow of the Carsey School of Public Policy, gave a terrific presentation on health, equity, and poverty that drew connections to place. I wanted to share a few key take home messages that I have been thinking about over the last couple weeks:

  • What design principles can foster upward mobility and wellbeing?

  • How do we increase the stability of individuals and communities by better connecting people with communities?

  • What does it mean to make communities more welcoming to all people, including people with no margin of error?

[photograph by Dean Bouchard on Flickr]