Sticky dots and Master Plans

The Town of North Hampton, NH's Economic Development Committee (EDC) has initiated a Village Center Master Plan that will lay out a physical plan for the future of its Rt 1 corridor. I’ve been fortunate to assist Ironwood Design Group and the town with this project. At a November 2019 outreach meeting, we received some great feedback about what residents would like to see in this area of town in the future. We are looking at establishing connectivity with some of the existing and future assets such as the coast, historic center, and future rail trail, as well as thinking about how the design of this area of Town contributes to its function and identify.

At the EDC meeting, we supplemented presentations and Q&A with a sticky dot poll, where participants respond to multiple choice questions by placing sticky dots on a poster. It was a great way to collect some input and give participants the opportunity to see how others responded. We heard that participants really like the opportunity to move around and talk to each other while they circulated to each of 6 posters and that the activity was fun!