Starting a street tree project

This summer I am excited to support one of Strafford Regional Planning Commission (SRPC)'s projects in Dover, NH. My role will be to help develop and implement a street tree inventory in the city's Central Business District and then create a street tree plan to guide future plantings.

This project is meaningful to me in a number of ways. First, my involvement in an urban tree canopy program while working as an Americorps VISTA with the Urban Ecology Institute in Boston back in 2007 played a defining role in the trajectory of my education and career. It honed my awareness of the role green infrastructure plays in creating healthy and comfortable places to live. It opened my eyes to the social inequities that are so pervasive in our communities. It helped me to connect my passion for the environment with my interest in improving lives through the built environment. This led me to back to school to study sustainable systems and urban and regional planning.

As a former SRPC employee, I'm also really looking forward to the opportunity to work with the organization and some new and familiar faces again. It is fun to work on a project in a region that I spent a few years focusing on.

Lastly, I really appreciate the emphasis on climate resiliency that this project has taken on. I'm looking forward to exploring ways we can prepare the community's residents, landscape, and street trees for a changing climate.

It's likely we will have some volunteer opportunities - so if you are a resident or just interested in the project please reach out (!