All the Paths to Resilience - a fun outreach project!

In 2021 and 2022, I had the privilege of working on a project called Path to Resilience that was funded by the National League of Cities and Piscataqua Region Estuaries Partnership (PREP).

This multi-faceted project was the brainchild of the NH Coastal Adaptation Workgroup (CAW). It was designed to help CAW and CAW partners distill best practices for resilience planning and learn about the planning needs in communities in the upper coastal watershed. Along with project partners, I gathered information about upper watershed communities, conducted a handful of informational interviews, surveyed communities, and prepared an opportunities and needs assessment report for the project team. The report will help guide resiliency work in the upper watershed communities and I'm excited to see the work that takes shape in coming years.

Another aspect of this project was to assemble a product for a community to help tell the story of resilience building efforts and progress over the last decade or so. I worked on Path to Resilience stories in 7 communities. This was a great way for me to dig into, learn about, and creatively document a lot of projects in these communities. Visit the links below to see the stories!