A coastal symposium

In collaboration with the New Hampshire Coastal Program, I hosted the Hampton Beach Area Commission (HBAC)'s Resiliency Symposium in early 2021.

The event had great turnout and - by measurement of high quality presentations, opportunities for learning, and the Q&A discussion - I would say was quite successful. I'll admit that when I started this project, I thought I was supporting the preparation of a grant application for a master plan. In reality, the project was an exercise in communicating with new partners and having faith in technology. It also provided me with the opportunity to learn about a couple projects I was not familiar with. I am pleased to report that with assistance from the Coastal Program, HBAC issued an RFP for their master plan update in early 2022 and aims to complete this update this year. It's gratifying to see that the symposium has helped lead the HBAC to this next step. It will be exciting to see the strides that HBAC takes in adaptation planning in Hampton.

You can learn all about the symposium, in doing so, a lot Hampton, from information that is available on a page of the Coastal Adaptation Workgroup's website dedicated to the HBAC Coastal Resilience Symposium.