Resiliency planning for...working in a pandemic or climate change

Like others, the pandemic changed the standard course of business for me. For me and many others, virtual meetings were a key adaptation strategy. Even though I tire of virtual meetings, as someone in the business of resiliency planning, there is something satisfying about finding ways to continue business in new and different ways when presented with a external challenge like a pandemic. The parallel between the subject of a lot my work (climate resilience) and the current practice of my work is not lost to me.

What lessons can we take from this?

Here's one: We need to have more back up plans for power outages. Our increased reliance on congregating online instead of in person really highlights the precariousness of relaying on stable internet service to do business. As we look to a future of more severe storm and wind events, what measures will we incorporate to help maintain business continuity? One area that I anticipate will be more an more important is flexibility, and that's one thing I'll be looking to enhance in my practice this year. I'll also be thinking more about our infrastructure and how I can guide smart infrastructure choices though my work in preparing long term plans.