Visual Tools, Communication & Design

Visual tools help engage, inform, educate, and inspire a target audience or the general public. From mapping and graphical representation of data to interpretive signage, community art, and design that reveals function, there are countless ways to enhance a project, initiative, or organizational practice by incorporating visual tools and creative communication. EF | Design & Planning adds value through strategic visualization and design. 

benefits of visualization & design

on paper

increase comprehension of complex information

establish brand recognition for a business, organization, or project

help your audience better understand a project in the context of its surroundings

provide your viewer with a more enjoyable experience

create a sense of place, identity, and ownership

engage diverse audiences

convey information about the historical or community significance of a site

communicate ecological function through design

on the ground

demonstrate the on-the-ground impacts of climate change in a creative and informative way

A Tool for
Education & Outreach: 

One strategy to reduce erosion and mitigate the impacts of storm surge is to install a living shoreline. The 'before and afters' shown below were developed for an outreach poster to increase public understand what a living shoreline was and how different types of living shorelines can look.